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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Trapping Rodents

Hello Peoples!
Loving it here in Nova Scotia!
We are now mostly looking at catching small rodents in the field. We have set out some small mammal traps like the ones in the picture:

Mainly what we are trying to catch is mice, voles, lemmings, and chipmunks.

Question: Please describe the difference between mice, lemmings, voles and chipmunks.

Inside the traps we set some hay (for the rodent to make some bedding when they get trapped), and food (to lure the rodent in to the trap). I set out 20 traps in a linear fashion. Overall we set out 100 traps in a grid fashion and my line had 20. There were 4 other lines of 20 traps.

Our main objective is to see the rodent ecology of the area.

Question: Please define "ecology".

Once we find the rodent ecology of the area we can see how climate has affected it. But more on that later as I will talk more about climate change and mammal ecology in later posts.

Below you'll see a couple more pictures of the traps and how I've set them up.

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